Cardboard Carton Shredder

From £4,750.00 + VAT

Three Phase Cardboard Carton Shredder For Matting Cuts, 420mm Wide x Up To 18mm Thick


  • Produces void-fill or product protection matting from your used cartons
  • See self standing bag SSB-A-4 for void-fill storage
  • Negates the need to pay for board removal
  • Fitted with hose outlet to accept optional¬†3ph dust reduction unit.
  • Produces up to 6.0cu.m/hr void-fill with an unlimited run time
  • Dimensions W660mm x D660mm x H1060mm
  • Weighs 120kg with a footprint less than 0.5sq.m.
  • Noise level:No load 61dB(A) Operating cycle 71dB(A)


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